Property Styling

Have you found beautiful pieces of furniture from FOROM but you are not quite sure how to put them together with other furniture?

FOROM’s sister company, Casa Nolita, offers design service to Forom customers.

Casa Nolita is specialized in e-designing, staging, home styling and affordable designing.

Casa Nolita’s design lies in eclectic and Scandinavian style interiors but thrives on collaborating with their clients to create tastefully personalized homes that they have envisioned. Our mission is to bring sophistication in residential design across all budgets and seeing their clients’ interior dreams become a reality is what makes the process worthwhile.

Design process

1. Project detail

We send you a list of questionnaires so we have better ideas of what you are exactly looking for such as budget, style, color preferences, items or brands you particularly like etc.

2. Pinterest boards and inspiration images

After we review the project details, we will start creating inspiration boards so we can decide what directions we will go for your styles and concepts. Usually it takes about 3-5days.

3. Initial concept boards

we will create 2 concept boards for each room based on your Pinterest boards and each board will include images of furniture, painting color or wall paper ( if needed ), floor plans and alternative options for furniture. It would take about 7-9days.

4. Your feedback

After you provide feedback, we will make some adjustments to finalize your online interior design.

5. Final board with a floor plan & a shopping list

I will revise and finalize the concept board and provide you a 2D rendering for each project and this includes a custom floor plan, set-up instruction and shopping list This will take another 2 weeks

6. E-Design price

Each project/room design fee is $500 but there is a perk! Design service clients get 15% off on any item they purchase from FOROM, which means, if you purchase over $3,333 from FOROM, you get free design service for a room/project.