Italian Made Breuer Chairs - Timeless Style For Your Dining Space

Modern dining and lounge chairs have quite a responsibility. They need to look beautiful, be fully functional and of course comfortable for family mealtimes and social gatherings. Here is how to choose the right chair from today's popular brands and styles.

Marcel Breuer Chairs

These chairs are named after their designer, Marcel Breuer, a Hungarian born architect and champion of modernism from the early 20th century until his death in 1981. Often combining rattan seats with tubular steel frames, for a chrome chair look, these distinctive chairs are stylish and comfortable and easy to match with many different décor types. The neutral colors of the natural rattan and the classic, contemporary chrome mean that this style of Marcel Breuer chairs remains popular and in demand today.

Cesca Chairs

Cesca dining chairs are a popular choice. One of the most popular Marcel Breuer chairs, Cesca chairs were designed and named as a tribute to his daughter, Francesca. The Cesca was one of the first chairs to be mass produced. Other styles include the Bauhaus chairs or cantilever chairs.

A Thing of Beauty

Beyond the functional and comfort aspect, you will probably want to consider the aesthetics of your chosen chair. After all, this chair will be in your home and used probably every day. Some of your chosen furniture and indeed your dining chairs can be so stylish in their design, that they could double up as pieces of modern art.

Whether you choose Cesca chairs, any other Marcel Breuer chairs, or a different style altogether, make sure your dining or lounge chairs are comfortable enough to sit in for several hours at a time.

Modern-day dining chairs often double up as occasion chairs or lounge chairs. Comfort and quality is therefore important to ensure that you get good value for money. The right chair goes beyond being somewhere to sit - it needs to be comfortable, but also beautiful. Design is important to many of us, and so chairs - like any other piece of furniture - needs to fit in with the rest of your style choice. These principles are often followed in offices and hospitality spaces.

Before choosing a chair, it is advisable to consider what you would want or need from your chair. How often will you use it? This might seem like a strange question, but not everyone uses their dining room every day. Sometimes it is only used for special occasions or seasonal holidays. Where will you use it? Often dining chairs are doubled up and used in other areas of your living space as extra seating. Does it fit and suit that space?

Many people see the kitchen as the heart of a home. However, the dining table could well have a bigger claim on that title; especially if is used every day. If you don’t want to cut your time at the table short, make sure you choose a comfortable, well-made chair to recline on.

Although you can get lots of furniture inspiration online, it may be worth taking some time to try out various chairs and styles in a showroom, even if you then decide to buy online.