How Does Leather Age Gracefully with Time?

Much like a fine wine, your mid-century leather chair is only going to get better with age. Over time, both the physical properties and the visual appearance of the leather will change, developing a subtle patina that will only serve to enhance what is certain to be one of the central pieces of furniture within your home.

What Is Leather Patina?

Leather is a durable material that, when cared for properly, won’t tear, rip or sustain any serious damage. However, it is likely to develop some subtle signs of aging when exposed to heat, sunlight, and the wear and tear that occur with extended use. Darker leather tones are likely to gently lighten in areas over time, providing a more textured appearance. Rich brown leathers will fade to lighter, warmer tones, whereas black leather can fade and develop deep grey hues.

Not all leathers will develop an aesthetically pleasing patina. In fact, a rich patination is a sign of high-quality leather, and its development is a source of joy for many owners of stunning pieces of furniture.

How Will My Mid-Century Leather Chair Age?

Many people actively prefer the appearance of aged leather, and over time, your mid-century leather chair will soften and become more characterful. Everything from the oils in your skin to the levels of moisture present in the air and the small scratches and scrapes that will occur with repeated use will contribute to the appearance of your chair over time.
Importantly, your chair will evolve with you and proudly display your shared stories and experiences on its surface. It is best to avoid attempting to speed up the patination process and ensure that your chair is kept out of direct sunlight as much as possible. This will uphold the integrity of the leather and ensure that any patina that develops looks natural and organic.
If you want to stall the development of a patina for as long as possible, you will need to care for and store your chair properly. In addition to minimizing exposure to the sun and extreme temperature changes, you will need to wipe it clean frequently and minimize direct contact between the leather and your skin. If you’re happy to take a markedly more relaxed approach, every scuff and ray of sunshine will contribute to the development of a beautiful patina that will ensure your chair truly feels like another member of the family.

There is a reason that high-quality leather has been used to create iconic pieces of furniture for decades. Its resilience, combined with its unique ability to evolve over time, means that every investment piece will both stand the test of time and develop a genuinely inimitable finish. If you have been considering giving your living space a touch of mid-century elegance, owning a one-of-a-kind statement piece of furniture is well within reach. Now is the ideal time to do so.


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