A Simple Guide to Decorating Your Dining Room

               A Simple Guide to Decorating Your Dining Room

Walking into a dining room should feel inviting. Dining rooms are often the central spaces of special occasions, such as holiday or birthday dinners, wine tasting nights, or poker nights.

A simple light fixture can make the dining room feel significantly cozier. But, if your dining room doesn’t feel as exciting as you would like, then you can decorate it further. Let’s look at a simple guide to decorating your dining room here.

Follow Architectural Details

Something to consider from our simple guide to decorating your dining room is the architectural detail throughout your home. You'll notice elements like colors, materials, and textures as you look around your home. It’s great to consider the architectural makeup of your home when adding décor.

You can create visually striking accents to make the architecture stand out. For example, you can mix materials like glass or ceramic to make a farmhouse-style home more elegant. So consider what you can pull from your interests and what’s already around you to create the perfect dining room.

Combine Different Furniture Styles

Mixing and matching different styles has become the norm in contemporary design. The typical matching table and chair set are slowly fading into the background while using different styles to create various moods has come to the forefront. Have fun with the process by using different kinds of chairs.

You can pair your chairs with Pierre Jeanneret furniture from Forom to create the perfect mish-mash of styles and increase coziness and bohemian themes in the dining room. Enjoy the process and move things around to see what you like the most.

Use a Center Rug

Having the perfect dining table rug pulls the entire room together. Your rug choice comes down to your preferred material, size, and quality. Ideally, the center rug should stay large enough for the table and chair to fit with about two additional feet of carpet around the set.

Center rugs also help with open-concept layouts by defining each zone and achieving separation. Lastly, finding the perfect design that accents the rest of the room will help it achieve the mood you’re going for.

Think of Light Fixtures and Wall Décor

By thinking of light fixtures and wall décor, you can bring your dining room from the realm of mundanity to one of interest. However, you must remember to ensure your embellishments don’t swallow up the walls or throw off the ceiling’s height. When it comes to picking wall décor, you can find wall art, mirrors, artwork, shelves, and so on to fill the bare vertical space. Don’t try to go overboard and keep things understated.

Light fixtures should ideally hang high enough that they don’t hit guests in the head. But they should also be low enough that they don’t create bulb glare. If you have an older light fixture that doesn’t fit your theme, replace it with a new one or repurposed one that fits your aesthetic.