5 Furniture Must-Haves for Your Living Room


Whether you’ve designed a living room many times or just moved out on your own, perfecting somewhere as important as your living room takes time and forethought. The furniture you put into your living room needs to have a balance between aesthetic value and functionality. We’re going to give you five furniture must-haves for your living room to give you the best jumping-off point when you begin to design yours.

Seating Areas

It’s essential to feel comfortable in your living room. It’s a place to gather with friends and family or relax by yourself; it wouldn’t serve its purpose if it wasn’t comfortable. Set up cozy couches and chairs in your living room, taking into consideration such things as color, style, and personal taste. They need to function well while also looking impressive.

Light Fixtures

Some of the biggest must-have furniture pieces for your living room are your light fixtures. Never underestimate how important lighting is to a room. A living room without proper lighting isn’t going to invite anyone to stay and relax. Dark and dreary are not words that you want people to use when they describe your living room. A mixture of floor lamps and hanging lamps can give you variety and make your living room look its best.

Coffee Tables

A coffee table is an absolute must for a living room, no matter if you use it as a work surface or for entertainment. It provides a central focal point for most of your other furniture as well as simply being useful. Unless you’re attempting to go for an extremely open and spacious look, you’ll do yourself a disservice by not having a coffee table.

Area Rugs

Make your living room cohesive and by bringing disparate pieces of furniture together into one unit. For instance, area rugs can go a long way towards finishing off the look of your living room. Rugs also give you a chance to add a little more color to what might otherwise be a monochromatic area. Find one that stands out without being too garish and you’ll have exactly what you need.

Entertainment Stands

A living room without some kind of entertainment unit isn’t a very common sight anymore. As such, you’ll need to get an entertainment stand to go along with it. They can hold TVs, books, and whatever else you’d like to prominently display. They also provided a lot of storage room.

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